The Pegasus Device, visible without the constructions hiding it.

"How you ask, are they up to the task. To which the answer lies in a simple facility."

The aptly named Pegasus Device was a mechanical collection of gears and blades that, when fed the body of a pegasus pony, would churn it into usable spectra to create the rainbows that glossed over Equestria. It made its appearance in a future timeline involving an older teenage Scootaloo and the past Bloodmare Jade, as well as a few other ponies that Scootaloo befriended.

The process to create a rainbow using the device was fairly simple, although completely horrid and grotesque. The required pegasus pony would be first strapped to a chair of sorts, where the device would be used to grind the limbs of the pony, due to the device being a bit more difficult to rip through bones. The pony would then be forced into the spinning grinds of the device, their body ripping and tearing into a bloody mist that would be gathered into the required 'spectra' and then be used for creating a rainbow.

The device was a creation of the future Dr. Mint and Kol Tyrant, at the command of Princess Luna, in order to ensure less work for more profit in the rainbow creation process. The device was destroyed with the combined efforts of Jade and Scootaloo, at the loss of the rest of the pegasus ponies of that school year. In the present time, the device would be attempted to be reconstructed by Princess Luna, though it would see another destruction in the development phase, also at the cost of Dr. Mint's life.

Since it's destruction in both the future and the present, the device was eventually dropped altogether. With Princess Luna in prison and Mint deceased, future work on the device would be turned over to Kol Tyrant, with no word yet on it's current use.